international women's day 2020

Out of all the other usual days of the year, International Women’s day 2020 gives a rare opportunity to the travelers to make their travel plans. Travel often creates a life-changing impact on those who try solo travel for the very first time. This often helps you to get away from the usual and feel a change in their routine with women’s day flight offers. Moreover, these also help you in building a community and explore the beauty of a destination that they have never been to. Also, it is one such opportunity to break the conventional rules and travel unconcerned. However, many often fear the lack of safety, which remains a concern from the beginning to the end. Ahead, we shall see the most effective travel tips to follow on your travel.

Effective Travel Safety Tips to Follow through Your Journey

The following are some of the most essential tips to follow before you start off towards your travel destination:

Research well on the destination

It is very basic to get to know the details of the destinations that you prefer to travel to. This research does not just mean to find the best part of the cultures, the traditions or the cuisine varieties. Also, stay aware of the problems, threats, and issues faced in the destination and take preventive measures to stay away from them. If you are a user of social media, post your travel on some travel groups where there might be other women travelers who have been to the destination and can help you with your travel. The research that you do before you travel should provide you all the essential details such as the nearby accommodation facilities, hospitals, banks and restaurants that you can approach without a second thought. However, there are many women who take the risk of going unprepared to get the feel of travel. On the contrary, there could also be risks. To stay safer, it is advised to do basic research.

Download offline maps

Offline maps serve to be a lot more helpful than what we may think of them. Planning an inexpensive travel on International Women’s day 2020, the traveler would be saving more for her journey. Also, the biggest fear of a woman travel is being lost in a destination unknown. Hence, it is always advisable to keep the maps downloaded. This primarily helps in cutting the data costs, especially in a foreign currency. Also, the search becomes comparatively easier when done offline. The loading speed of an offline map too is way better than when searched online. Panning and zooming of locations can also be done easily and effectively through offline maps. Moreover, offline maps work better even when there is a low battery on phones.

Get a travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is much needed during the flight booking on one of those exciting women’s day flight offers. This mostly comes to use when there is a case of an unexpected medical emergency. In most cases, unless it is a travel to remote locations, travel insurance help to a great extent by helping cover the medical expense. The best way to begin with your travel insurance is to add them to the Frequent flyer points. All the more, if you are traveling on one of those women’s day flight offers, travel insurance is mandated in the package. Later on, you may also get baggage coverage where you may be charged considerably on your luggage. This way, it can be ensured that the bag returns to the owner against any damage loss, or being stolen. This would also include buying things in replacement for the lost ones.

Buy a local sim card

Availing a local sim card is essential when it comes to women travel. Since communication is a barrier during travel often, getting them prior travel makes things easier. These charges lower on calls and help the traveler to easily call and converse easily. In addition, these allow travelers to use the internet, maps and translate at their own pace. Also, the recharging becomes easier when it is in a foreign currency. Recharges can also be done at the traveler’s own pace without any concerns and cost very less. The duration for which the sim card stays active depends upon the duration of the stay of the travelers. Thus, availing a local sim card is not as difficult as it is thought of being. See to it that when you get a local sim card, get one that serves without any language barrier. This then serves as a reliable way of communication and staying connected.

Book your stays in advance

To avoid any sorts of hassle, book your accommodations well in advance. There might be a lot of hotels that provide accommodations in the name of women’s day offers. However, before you go ahead with the bookings, research on the best hotels that extend the best accommodation services. Then, while picking and choosing your stay, consider the facilities and safety first. Provide only your initial and a less used contact when you are asked to give any personal information. Also, do not forget to use a couple of business cards to fake the impression that you have been accompanied. Finally and most significantly, stay away from any insecure environment that makes you feel unsafe.

Learn the local language

Learning a local language is essential before you start your travel. This helps to interact better with the locals. Similarly, one may be able to communicate their ideas with the natives without a second thought, provided she knows the local language. Also, the residents of the locality also feel a sense of openness when the ideas are communicated in their native language. Also, this is an opportunity to learn the culture of a region. As a result, the traveler earns respect for the natives of the destination. This can also be seen as an intelligent way to avoid faux pas and mingle with a heterogeneous crowd. This then bridges the gap between the traveler and the natives, building a better, stronger connection.

Have an emergency fund

An emergency fund is something that is to be made a part of your travel on International Women’s day 2020. This fund should be kept aside and utilized in case of an emergency requirement only. It should also be invested or kept in such a place that it is always accessible. Many travelers come up with a query of what is the amount that one can carry as a part of their travel. Especially when it is a woman traveler, the concerns raised are more. Thus, it is suggested to carry a sum that would suffice you for about 3 to 8 months. Else, you may also use a credit card that saves you of the lump sum and pays unconcerned. Many women’s day flight offers include a scheme where only half of the cost is to be incurred by the traveler. Financially, it is also wiser to have a high yield savings account which may last you till the end of the travel.

Join a tour

Joining a tour is the best way of traveling on International Women’s day 2020. The best part of it is that you get to have a constant companion in travel. Also, it is much more comfortable to have someone besides building strong communication, all through the travel. Furthermore, apart from being scheduled without losing the essence of the travel, the aspects of safety are also well taken care of. In addition, when you join a tour and become a part of group travel, you will be privileged to avail of group discounts on your flight bookings. The best thing rather than all of these is that in group travel, you are not required to plan a lot. Thus, it would be less of planning and more of exploring happening. All these then helps women to stay within their comfort zone as they travel.

Use travel apps

Travel apps are the best part of technology enhancements where travel becomes much easier than it is thought of. These help women travelers to make their bookings together at cheaper, affordable rates. Also, most travel apps facilitate women with exciting women’s day flight offers that are truly irresistible. As a result, their tickets are available at unimaginable rates ever. These also stay a constant companion of travelers by providing them assistance for their customized needs. Similarly, the coupon codes, discounts, and fares help in saving lumpsum amounts. Booking using apps is the best way to ensure personal safety.

Book your return tickets in advance

If one wishes to mark the perfect end to their travel on International Women’s day 2020, then book their return tickets too in advance. One of the main reasons why they should be doing so is that the fares of air tickets keep wavering depending on the airline. Fares of airlines seem worst on the day before travel when one tries booking cheap flight tickets. This is the time when the women’s day flight offers are often stopped by the airlines and the tickets seem too overpriced. Therefore, it is best to maintain a constant search.


Travel is one of the most achievable dreams that every woman can make come true. Also, there is a strong urge for every woman to travel, if not always, on International Women’s day 2020. There are obviously umpteen concerns that they have in mind before travel. One of them is being curious about the destination and availing the best women’s day flight offers there. Putting an end to both of these makes the travel complete.



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