Valentines day celebration in Mumbai

Valentine’s day is one of those days where you really get to express love in the way you wished to reveal it. Travel is thus the best way to celebrate your love and gather memories for a lifetime. Celebrating Valentine’s day in Mumbai has indeed got a unique charm since the city has got many destinations that speak abundantly on love and makes the travellers feel the same. The romantic destinations in Mumbai, in fact, teach the couples how to confess their love in a memorable and mesmerizing manner. Ahead, let us plan on the different destinations and ways to make your Valentine’s day Mumbai a special one altogether.

Best ways to make the most of  Valentine’s Day Mumbai

The following are some of the best ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day Mumbai:

1. Book a candlelight dinner at Olive kitchen

The Olive Bar and kitchen welcomes its visitors through melodious, soft music and warm, plush seats. This restaurant serves a wide variety of culinary delights that are in fame amongst travellers from around the world. This restaurant also arranges for soft heartwarming music and romantic dance which creates a spectacular ambiance. The olive kitchen serves a huge, five-course meal to its customers which fill in the heart and tummy. The cheesy and chocolaty desserts served, in the end, will leave you satisfied to the core. The menus and the breeze as you enjoy your meal here leave the couples spoilt for their choice. All the more, the decor and the lighting truly add color to your Valentine’s day celebration in Mumbai.

2. Enjoy privacy at Pali village cafe

The Pali village cafe is an ancient heritage restaurant that wins the hearts of its customers through its ancient tiles and paintings. As the couples enter, they are warmly welcome to be seated at plush air-conditioned seats. The dim light and tiled floors are indeed a symbol of welcome to the couples here.  Also, Pali art cafe is said to be famous amongst the travellers for selling the finest quality wine, thus being called one of the finest eateries in Mumbai. This place becomes much identified to its visitors for the Parsi style of services. For all these reasons, this destination becomes a prime spot to celebrate Valentine’s day in India.

3. Wander in the wilderness of Far out camp

Couples often plan and choose over such a destination for Valentine’s day that assures privacy and helps them stay away from the crowd. In this way, the Far out camp seems to be an ideal destination for the Valentine’s Day celebration in Mumbai. The camp is set in such an ambiance that attracts the heart to a great extent. The greenery and pools amidst the location add to the excitement and longing to stay back in this location. Evenings here can be more enjoyable as you enjoy the open amphitheater performances, lay watching the blue skies in the hammocks or watch movies in the greenery-filled open spaces. You may book your air tickets to Mumbai and make the most of Far out camp late at night and stay there overnight.

4. Hike on to Matheran

In the heart of the city of Mumbai is located this scenic hill station called Matheran. It is one such destination with beauty stretching to miles beyond in all its peak points. One such place amongst the Matheran hills which is more popular amongst its visitors for the scenic view. Take your partner to the peak of Matheran and be dumbfounded by the beauty of the whole Sahayadri hills. Within them lies the Chanderi caves, a true destination for the adventure enthusiasts. The reason why Matheran is visited as a part of Valentine’s day celebration in Mumbai is that from here, both the sunrise and the sunset look equally beautiful. Take a dip in Dodhani waterfalls and refresh yourselves before you end the tiring day. On your way back, watch the sunset from Rambagh point and click some pictures just before you head back home.

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5. Escape to Lonavala 

Lonavala is a popular and awaited destination for all travellers and natives of Mumbai, especially on Valentine’s day. This is one place that is crowded with forts, caves, dams and sunset points. As a couple, booking air tickets to Lonavala would not be much difficult. Grabbing your tickets through the Emirates Valentines Day Sale is indeed the best way to travel for less, taking place from February 10th to February 16th which can be redeemed from the travel period of February 18 to November 15. This way, you may enjoy your travel for less and enjoy adventurous activities such as trekking, hiking, and fishing at much cheaper rates. The eateries at Lonavala sell the best and cheap street foods with the blend of authentic spices. Take your partner to the beautiful sightseeing places at Lonavala, free from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is definitely a peaceful destination that even makes your heart fall in love.

6. Spend a while at Marine Drive

Marine drive is a common travel destination that remains flooded by travellers, any day and at any time. Visiting this destination on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in Mumbai is the best way to plan for economic celebrations at much lower prices. All you need to do is to arrange for a candlelight dinner at the seaside with your better half. You may also have lengthy conversations in the evenings over some warm snacks. One of the best beaches where you may spend your Valentine’s day Mumbai is indeed Marine drive.

7. Visit the Bandstand Promenade

Located at a one-kilometer stretch of the west coast, this is one of the most peaceful locations of Mumbai to make your Valentine’s day celebrations more meaningful. Walking through the promenade, one may find petite stalls selling spicy and sweet street foods. From here, together you may explore and enjoy the beauty of the land. The walks can be even more enjoyable with soothing music during the evenings. There is also an amphitheater alongside that hosts shows the day in and day out. Looking at its beauty, the couples in unison say that it is indeed a beautiful and filmy location.

8. Stroll along Juhu Beach 

Juhu beach has been nicknamed as the sea of lovers among the travellers. Taking a stroll on your special date is in fact an exciting and different thing to do on Valentine’s day. In the evening, hold your partner’s hand and watch the sunset lying in a fresco lounge. The beach seems to be peaceful both during the mornings and evenings. You may make your tastebuds happy by treating your partner too with local chat, kaala ghatta Gola, faloodas and, ragda patties. There are also many other cafeterias on the beach though, the local foods seem to be more satisfying than the so-called posh varieties. Book flights for Emirates Valentines Day Sale, grab the cheap air tickets sold between February 10 to February 16 and remember to redeem them by December 10, 2020. 

9. Plan a visit to Coloba

Coloba is one place where you may go on a shopping frenzy with your partner. There is a wide variety of items sold here, especially on Valentine’s day 2020 such as jewelry, accessories and other items of daily use. Even antique items are sold at slashed and low prices. Needless to say, even coloba sells warm and delicious foods at their stalls at cheaper rates. A Valentines Day Mumbai citizens enjoy goes incomplete without spending time at Coloba. It is one place where travellers can easily feel the pulse of the city. Accessing this destination becomes even easier with plenty of taxis and private transport available.

10. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Candies

No matter how old or young you are, there are none who do not have a craving for sweets. This destination is known for its quirky art pieces sold and its shaky stairs. Couples plan to be in Candies to simply wander around the lush greenery and enjoy the scenic view. Also, this exotic place is booked flight tickets for its lip-smacking variety of munchies and drinks. Answering to the curiosity of the travellers, this destination has been named so after the n number of flavors of sweets sold here. It is not just candies, but also burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches being sold to fill the belly. 


Valentine’s day in India is something for which the travellers wait to make plans and to execute their travel plans with your loved ones. Being such a wide city with many options of entertainment and exotic food varieties, there are many who make their flight tickets to Mumbai for their Valentine’s day travel. However, it is advisable to make the travel plans well in advance and spot on the destinations well before time so that you get rid of all your concerns during travel or once you arrive.



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