US Tourist Visa Requirements
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Things to be taken care of while making US Tourist Visa Requirements

One must know the need and significance of a US tourist visa before applying for one. There are two kinds of visas opted by people booking international flights such as B1, mostly chosen for medical, educational and professional requirements and B2 for people who look forward to booking cheap flight tickets for recreational, social and family needs. In some rare instances, the visas are combined as per the need, nature, and duration of the visit.

Types of US Tourist Visa travelers opt for

1. Business visa

A business visa comes to use to travelers who fly to the US especially under the US waiver program. However, to book international flight tickets for such a program, the traveler might be required to provide the name of the firm that he represents, the program that he is to attend and also the duration. Further, on making an online flight booking at airline tickets best price, he would be required to provide the details of the event and the list of participants. Such travelers must see to it that they do not take part in any other programs and are suggested to take return back after the desired period. The pre-requisites for such a visa are e-passport and an online application. There might be a small process fee levied for the same. However, the applicant can always look for a status update any time they wish to.

2. Student visa

The air ticket booking to a destination becomes really easy with a person holding a student visa. This is one such type of US tourist visa which is meant for those who are looking to board cheap air flights for the purpose of academic and vocational coaching. It has also been specifically mentioned that such a visa can be granted for those interested in attending a particular event that takes place during a certain time of the year.


Also known as the North American Free Trade Agreement, this is a category of US tourist visa is used purely for trade purposes. As per the visa rules and regulations, it permits temporary entry for those who look on cheap air flight tickets for a temporary period. However, flight reservations under this visa rarely get confirmed quickly since there are certain provisions that are taken into consideration for the flight reservations for the same. Such agreements are often taken into consideration while booking round ticket flights. Hence, this category of visa is mainly issued to visitors, professionals, transferees, and traders. This might sometimes award the traveler with the cheap flight deals, one of the perks of travel for less.

4. KI/ Fiance visa

A fiance visa is also a kind of US tourist visa that stands applicable in case the applicant is married to a citizen in the US. This is one kind of visa that is to be applied days prior to the marriage. Later, using temporary airline reservations, the applicant may update the temporary residence to permanent. In any instance, this being a time taking the procedure, might only happen in stages.

Documents required to get US tourist visa issued

Documents for US Tourist Visa

The documents required to get a US tourist visa issued varies on the type of visa to be issued to the traveler. However, the following are some of them which may make the future airline reservations easier:

1. Form DS 160

This is one of the basic forms which are to be submitted as you make preparations for your US tourist visa to be issued. These can be applied either directly at the consulate electronic application center or even through the website.

2. Previous visas

Previous visas at a later stage come to use while planning to book a trip. These are taken to the embassy as proof for verification. This is to cross-check the information given in the visas and assure there is no change of data. This is also done to make assurance regarding the credibility of the data.

3. Invitation letters

Most visa application centers might demand a confirmation letter from those whom you are going to visit especially if you are on business travel, taking one of those round trip flights. This letter should also include significant details such as the period of stay and an assurance that the other aspects shall be taken care of by the host. These may sometimes help them get the best flight deals.

4. Sponsorship documents

These are made a part of the major visa requirements, especially while the traveler flies for an organizational need. Hence in order to apply for a visa and also for flight bookings, they might need to provide their financial details and salary details as well. Sometimes, for cheap flight tickets, the traveler might be required to provide banking details as well.

5. Property documents

Again, in case the traveler is to opt for return flights in relation to his visa, he might be asked to produce proofs of properties that he holds in his country. In addition, there would also be a requirement for them to provide details on legal history to opt according to flight price.

6. Family or employment documents

In case the traveler is planning for a US tourist visa with the need for visiting his family or for employment, then he is required to mention his pay, position and period for which he is expected to stay back. Especially on taking one of those flights, he is expected to submit his date of birth, family details and photographs if the trip is a personal one and the resume, call letter and license for educational requirements.

7. Educational certificates

If the US visitor visa is applied by a student, then educational certificates serve as a major proof. These serve to be the major proofs for students during their trips or even on one of those exchange visitor programs.



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