Traveling to india checklist

Planning is always considered to be the key to add perfection for any travel. Many travellers often miss out on essential things before travel, especially the unavoidable ones. The best way to overcome such an experience is to narrow down the things that are required before travel or to make a list of them. Like any other travel destination, maintaining an India travel packing list is considered to be necessary. This would definitely seem rewarding and beneficial during the travel since it adds to the convenience and comforts since it is fully up to the travellers to stay prepared or not. However, if planning an easy travel, there are some very basic things to pack that might seem helpful at a later stage. In short, it helps in the easy travel and return to and fro your destination.

Important things to include in your India Packing List

The following are some of the things that you must necessarily pack for as you make your flight reservations to India:


Apart from the luggage that you carry, make sure that you also have a small backpack to carry as you move around. These should hold essential items such as toiletries, toilet paper, wet wipes, essential snacks, and sanitizers. Add them to your India packing list since there might be an unpredictable situation or a risk anytime where you might be staying at a remote location. A sleeping bag might also seem essential since it can be used in case of any emergencies. When you go for a backpack on the best last minute flight deals, go for the one that has plenty of side pockets and can hold emergency things that you may need any moment. See to it that the backpack is fully flexible and can be squeezed under seats. Hence, when you pick and choose yours, see to it that they are easy to carry and are sizable according to your needs.


Needless to be reiterated, documents are inevitable. These are the proofs that support your need and intention of travel. The most essential document for travel to India is a valid passport with the duration of travel mentioned. Hence, decide the type of passport that you need to carry before travel. In addition, see to it that you also carry your medical documents along, describing your prescribed set of medicines, to help you overcome a startling situation. These mostly matter during flight booking, since measuring the health standards is a vital step. Carrying all your debit and credit cards if you are looking forward to flying cashless. These help you to complete the travel in an absolutely concern free. See to it that you travel to your destination well planned.

Emergency cash

Even though we are living in a digital era, it is suggested to keep some money handy while travelling. Even though the flight ticket booking and all other expenses are borne through cashless transactions, it is essential to meet the medical needs and costs incurred on the way to travel. The cash that you carry need not be a hefty sum though. This amount of money differs according to the modes of travel that you opt for. Thus, it is recommended to carry approximately 25 percent of your money as cash and the rest as cards- credit or debit.

First aid kits

Make first aid kits your best travel companion when it comes to safe travel. Having these handy in the India packing list helps the travellers deal with and overcome traumas effortlessly. The essentials that you should add to your first aid kits include plasters, gauze, bandage, surgical tapes, scissors, tweezers, digestion tablets, and handwashes. In addition, keep the numbers of medical practitioners handy before you begin to travel. Carrying digital thermometers and sanitaries should be something that the travellers should be doing without a second thought.

International Sim Card

It is a fact that international sim cards charge less on calls. Also, the internet and international surfing facilities are much better through these. These help in the easy access of social media at limited fares. A sim card is something to be added to your India travel list since it is really essential to keep the near and dear ones aware of the updates. Technology has grown so much that there are plenty of easy recharge options to keep constant contact. Using an international sim card, one can effectively use offline maps and get going through the destination easily. A tip to add here is to keep the country code written or saved somewhere so that they may be used in case of an emergency. Remember to keep them safe until the trip ends.


Probiotics are the best ways to tackle health issues such as food poisoning, bloating and indigestion. It is something you should be prioritizing in your India packing list since it plays a major role in building immunity and health. These also help get rid of immediate health issues such as acidity and dehydration. See to it that these have a sufficient enough shelf life and serve helpful to you till the end of your travel. There are potent varieties of probiotics that can be taken before you make your long journey with any of those cheap flights tickets. Ideally, consult a doctor before you take these to get a clear idea of the dosage since they keep varying depending on the BMI levels. Remember to rehydrate often as you consume these.

Reusable bottles

It is a well-known fact that plastic is a substance that harms the environment. Hence, reusable bottles are the best solution to tackle this problem which enables hassle-free and light travel. These keep the health standards constant and the travellers fearless. Using steel or porcelain bottles instead of assures better health levels and seems to be more space-saving. These are allowed on most cheap international flights and have zero disposal issues. Also, these are easy to fill and reuse and serve as the best during emergencies. Reusable bottles are mostly used in solo women travel where health becomes a major concern.


Sandals are indeed the best companions of travellers which is one of the prioritized items in their India packing list. This kind of footwear makes it easier for the travellers to walk through the uneven terrains. However, there is a tradition where the travellers are asked to take them off at the guest’s house. In India, travellers use both fashion and culture-related footwear. Even if you have booked your one way airline tickets, carry a pair of slippers and flip flops that you may wear as you walk around or visit the beaches. On the contrary, it should be noted that you should not wear sandals or shoes as you attend informal meetings.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are definitely a protective factor when it comes to travelling in uncertain conditions. These are the cheapest modes of accommodation and are the best portable options during long travel. This helps the travellers create their own space during travel and is readily picked up by travellers even on the best last-minute flight deals. These prove to be beneficial when you go on an unplanned adventurous or solo travel. Here, it should be noted that as you add sleeping bags to your India travel list or choose for the one that suits your needs, go for the one that suits the temperature, has zippers to lock and looks secure.


Not all destinations give health assurance to their travellers. Therefore, carrying a sanitizer to maintain a level of health permanent. The alcohol used as a base in these is a safe ingredient for use. These should be included in an India packing list because these are available to use in different forms such as wipes, soaps, and sprays. In either form, these are safe to use and the pocket-sizes come at affordable rates. Especially if you are planning to have your meals at one of those Indian dhabas or other small eateries, it is suggested that you have them handy.


Travelling to a secular and incredible destination like India would be one of the most exciting travel that one would be enjoying in their lifetime. However, unlike the other destinations, since the cultures, traditions and climate of India keep varying, the India packing list is also huge and precise. It is to be noted that these things included in the list play a significant role during a travel through India.



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