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Key Points:

  • The Flight Centre’s CEO expects the operations of all domestic airlines to be revived by the end of June.
  • The resumption of services of domestic airlines can only be expected by the end of June, depending on the abiding of precautionary measures.
  • The case of International airlines stands even more crucial where the pandemic is to subside fully, allowing travel.
  • Though this is what is expected in the current scenario, the Government shall have the upper hand and the final word.

Domestic Flights are expected to resume their service by June end

covid 19 airline services

The CEO of Flight Centre- Australia’s largest travel agency, Graham Turner communicated to CNBC on Tuesday that he expects the revival of airline industries by June end. He said that by then, the operations of all domestic flights are likely to be resumed for travel purposes.

He also added that this revival is most likely to take place only in the field of domestic travel. For international travel to other destinations such as Australia, the USA, and South East Asia, travel concerns can only be subsided and not controlled fully. For the rest of the countries, the resurgence is only expected to happen within six months. He said this would be the time required to get things normalized. Turner also added that the speed of normalization of travel depends on the precautions and safety measures followed by the travelers as being advised. He expects that the other international airlines may resume providing their services to the travelers by September or October hopefully.

Turner is also of the opinion that this sudden recession in the field of travel is certainly due to the pandemic outbreak. When such a situation persists, travelers find it quite perplexing to make and execute their travel plans. Even from the end of many airlines and online travel agencies, the effect is much acute since the health of travelers is the parameter to be met. Also, many international airlines have been adversely affected by the outbreak of this global pandemic.

As a remedy, Turner told CNBC, speaking to the public by asking them to follow the quarantine measures for the advised period. He also asks the travelers to follow the travel guidelines and restrictions placed until need be. He added that altogether, 20,000 employees shall be retained until the industry would be fully re instituted.



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