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If you’re like most people, you love to travel to visit friends and loved ones, attend special events, explore new places, or simply vacation in a relaxing setting. You would also probably welcome a way to make planning a trip stress-free. Sometimes the price of air tickets can go from super affordable to prohibitively expensive within days (sometimes hours). Researching the logistics and prices of airfare, car rentals, cruises, hotels, and tours can feel overwhelming at times. There’s a better way: Leave the planning to a pro! Here are three benefits of using travel agent.

They Know the Tricks of the Trade
If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen news segments during which self-proclaimed travel experts share secrets for getting the best travel deals. They’ll tell you to look for airfare on a certain day of the week, give you advice for scoring a cheaper room when you call a hotel booking hotline or encourage you to schedule your cruise for a certain month to get the best deal. This is one of the main benefits of using travel agent. That all sounds like good advice. The problem is, those tips change all the time. One of the reasons to use a travel agent is that he or she is privy to all those changes. They keep track so you don’t have to.

They’ll Fight for You
If something goes wrong with your travel reservation and you booked through a travel agent, part of the agent’s job is to advocate on your behalf. If you have a poor experience with a hotel or airline, believe that you’ve incurred extra charges you shouldn’t have, or have an emergency and can’t make your nonrefundable reservation, having a professional in your corner helps you achieve results.

They’ll Save You Time and Stress
There are many instances that outsourcing a task makes sense because it frees you to spend your time on something else. Hiring an accountant to do your taxes, hiring a service to clean your home, and hiring a travel agent to book your travel are all huge time savers. Saving money and time are the biggest reasons to use a travel agent – just a few of the reasons outsource your travel booking to a pro!

Do you need to schedule a trip, book a hotel room or rent a car? Now that you know the benefits of using travel agent vs booking online, contact us at We’ll plan your vacation top to bottom so you’re free to pack and anticipate!



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