Most Romantic places in the world

Discovering the most romantic places in the world

Travel is the best medicine to increase the amount of love in your life. Many travelers often fall in the dilemma of choosing the apt destinations to celebrate their days of romance with their better half. Hence, always while choosing amongst the romantic destinations, it is ideal to plan, select and choose for the options that help you travel for less. Ahead are some of the cheap romantic getaways that you may make your flight reservations for, to celebrate your memorable days of love. The following are some of the romantic destinations that you should be taking your partner to:

Best Romantic Destinations to visit at least once in your lifetime 

The following are some irresistible romantic destinations that you should visit at least once in your lifetime:


Switzerland is one of those places where you are sure to stay amazed in finding beauty spread across acres of land. Switzerland vacation packages are often chosen by couples who look forward to fun activities and time to spend in solitude. The picturesque beauty of nature, the scenic view from top of the mountains and the snow-capped hills bring back the long lost romance in you. The Artsy Metropolis is one of those romantic destinations that mesmerizes the travelers with a breathtaking hillside view. Many couples also simply wait for a moment to take a dip at Jet d’eau fountains which have a beauty beyond words. The Interlaken or the land between the two mountains is truly a destination that awakes romance in each traveler’s heart. Driving down the ‘windy lanes’ you would stay awestruck by the architecture of a fairytale-like view. Yet another destination in Switzerland that the travelers fall for is ‘Montreux’, a soul-filling romantic holiday spot that stands out for its serenity and beauty. The beauty of Switzerland stays hidden in its greenery and landscape indeed.


Bali always remains a destination that offers romantic travel packages to couples to unleash their love for travel. One significant destination where the couples dwell their heart in is the Ubud mountains that welcome couples with luxurious and comfortable homestays. There are in fact countless resorts that steal the hearts of couples with breathtaking views and safaris. Some couples also make their airline reservations to enjoy adventurous activities like river rafting and midnight beach parties.  Some travelers also look forward to simply spending their time in the Seminyak Islands all by themselves. The hanging gardens are also another wonderful destination to enjoy which travelers fly down to Bali. Travelers often book tickets to Bali, taking advantage of the Bali vacation packages to seek the hidden romantic atmosphere within the land. Accommodation can be made felt more homely by choosing a beachside resort at Jimbaran Bay, which is also an opportunity to mingle with the Balinese culture. Many simply make their airline reservations to Bali by opting for one of those romantic vacation deals available.


The first thing that couples always relate to making flight reservations for Mali is to experience the underwater snorkeling at the Maldives beaches. The islands surrounded by azure beaches add to the beauty of the land, both during day and night. The beauty of the glowing beach truly invokes romance in the hearts of couples, especially during nights. Some of the best parts of romantic tour packages to Bali can be experienced by taking seaplane rides across De Havilland islands and experiencing adventures at the Aux Beaches with shining sands, snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. Also, you haven’t yet made the best out of your Maldives vacation packages if you haven’t had a breathtaking view of Charamel colored earth, the part of the Maldives where the sand is of seven different colors. It is here that many travelers wait to get photographed to cherish their memories in love forever. 


Europe tour packages are often booked to make romantic travel all the more memorable and perfect with exciting romantic vacation deals. Paris is indeed one of those cities with beauty in its nooks and corners hidden for travelers to enjoy. Romance is not just sightseeing holding hands together, it also lies in hopping from streets to streets in search of the most delicious foods, if you are a true foodie. It is indeed one of those romantic destinations where you will find the true spirit of love in each street. Some such destinations are Mont Saint Micheal, mountains filled with solitude and harmony. Similar is the Santorini Islands of Europe with Greek islands closely packed, adding allure and attraction within. These islands are indeed a part of every romantic vacation packages since they are thickly packed with small homes, which stay lit up through the evening, an inevitable sight indeed. The architecture with Cinque Terre and landscape are seen in almost every monument here, that couples get them undeniably photographed.


Paris mostly seems to be the most perfect places in the world, that adds to the romance of couples in their life. Paris vacation packages are so exciting and eventful that they stay unforgettable by travelers over a lifetime. The nooks and corners of the city have beauty and sights to be explored, especially being one of the most craved for romantic destinations of the world. The streets of Paris are known for selling hot and delicious foods at cheaper and affordable rates. The spectacular view from the Eiffel tower together is one of the most awaited moments in every couple’s life. Many romantic tour packages to Paris include a cruise down the Seine river, on one of those tranquil evenings. Some of the other exciting aspects of such packages are – a walk to Musse Du Lovre or the art lover’s paradise. If you do love adventure, then do take a spine-chilling visit to Paris Catacombs with the world’s largest grave. Paris is in fact one of the best global destinations and the spot to find your hidden love for art.


Many couples opt for a Belgian romantic vacation package as the best stress buster suggested by many travel experts from around the world. For those who make their airline reservations for a simple romantic travel. A walk through the 5000-hectare Sonian forests may seem a truly unforgettable experience. Secondly, Burge Square with scriptural figures in all its corridors is a destination made a part of all major romantic vacation deals. Also, the In Flanders field museum is one of the favorite destinations of all history lovers. Moreover, the Ghent city center is made a part of almost all romantic travel packages since it is the joining point of three medieval towns at a waterway, open to couples through boating. If you are true food lovers, then do not miss out on the french fries and waffles with hot chocolate toppings.


Scotland is one of those festive and celebrated destinations where travelers always look forward to traveling for less. It offers many romantic tour packages with umpteen destinations. One such noted destinations are Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh which travelers choose to simply enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. Another such beautiful destination is the Galloway forest park where people simply travel to take a view of the telescopic and starry sky. The mist bound mountains here also add to the mood of the couples. Tranquility can also be felt at its peak on getting on top of the Falls of Bruar. Apart from all of these, many couples choose Scotland as one of their all-time favorite romantic destinations to savor the beauty of Northern lights, a destination in everyone’s bucket list. 


The beaches of Indonesia have their own exotic charm. Many couples simply make airline reservations to Indonesia top visit the Komodo National Park which is believed to be the home of Komodo dragons once. Couples also make airline reservations to Indonesia to take a dip in the Ora beaches which are noted for its crystal clear waters. Also, the Lake Toba is an inevitable part of every Indonesia romantic vacation package which is located amidst acres of land and resonates peace. The most significant of all these destinations apart from the above-mentioned is the Kelimutu Lake with its origin on the volcanic peak and its waters in three different colors- red, blue and white. This is, in fact, a photogenic destination reflecting romance.


Hawaii is a destination that stays warm all through the year. This destination becomes more popular amongst couples for the Travaasa Hana cottages with open-air restaurants and places of attraction and adventure. Couples often opt for romantic vacation deals in Hawaii for a luxurious stay in Manoa valley or to spend time in the rainforests. Moreover, couples are warmly welcome to stay at Fairmont Orchid with stay amidst manicured gardens with a luxurious stay.


Travel only seems complete when it is enjoyed at the most affordable fares at the dream destinations. There are in fact many million destinations across the world where one can find their long lost love and enjoy the scenic beauty of the land. These destinations are the rarest and invite attention of couples all through the year.



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