Is India Safe To Travel

India being a fully democratic country, there is so much to explore and observe during the trip. However, travellers to India include both men and women. In addition, it is a known fact that India is a sovereign, socialist and democratic country which gives sufficient freedom for its travellers to explore around. You can get cheap flight tickets and save big, if you plan your travel 5 to 6 months earlier However, one of  the most frequently asked questions by travellers planning to visit India is regarding the safety and security of travel. Ahead are some of the most noted tips and measures to be taken care of while traveling to India.

Is It Safe to Travel to India 2020-Things to Keep in Mind

Do a background research

It is recommended that conducting a background check of the destination that one is travelling to. This is considered to be vital for travel since the destination plays an important role in the scope for travel. There are a few things to be taken into consideration while doing the background research. Primarily, the languages are to be understood since communication with the local communities would be an inevitable thing to do. Ideally, it is recommended that the traveller may read up on the traditions, culture and customs of the destination so that the traveller can understand and cope up with them. Also, this is the best way to execute a well planned travel.

Plan ahead

Planning is the best part of comprehending the intention of travel. For the same, the primary step is to choose the destination that one is to travel to. Following this, it is to be ensured that the tickets to the destination are booked well in advance. Ideally, it is suggested that travellers make their online International flight booking prior to four weeks before travel. In addition, making the necessary arrangements for accommodation relieves the concern of getting them at the right time. If the travel is an international one, then confirm to the passport validity and keep them secure for travel. In addition, keeping a list of places to visit and the main food attractions can help make the travel well-planned. Most importantly keeping the vital medications and money prepared can help the travellers stay concern free since being fully prepared. It is to be specifically noted that only the permitted amount of money is to be carried.

Pack only the necessities

There are two things to take care of while travelling- packing right and packing light. Depending on the length and the nature of the trip, it is to be seen that the travellers pack the right amount of what is required. However, some travellers may overpack for the destination. To avoid this, it is suggested that keeping a checklist of things needed to your destination is to be added according to the priority and the nature of destination. See to it that you do not overpack by any means.

Use public transport

Public transport is one of  the economic ways to travel to the destination and explore the destination well. Also, using these, the traveller is allowed to mingle with the natives of the destination and understand the culture and traditions of the locality. Staying in the company of locals helps the travellers feel even more comfortable. It also frees up more time of risking and travelling in one’s own vehicle. The best part of such a travel is that it improves the social mingling and enables the travellers to increase social contacts which may serve them beneficial during their exigent situations.

Wear Indian clothes

is it safe to travel to india 2020

Dressing is something that is to be particularly taken care of while answering the question- is India safe to travel? Yes. India is a conservative country when it comes to dressing. Indians always prefer to dress colorfully but moderately. Though Indians are all portrayed wearing bright saris and as overdressed up, this is not true about all the travel. It is just considered as a part of authenticity for women to carry light and knee-length dresses, no matter what they are. However, the dressing styles of people differ according to the places that they geographically belong to. Doing a small study on the same would be beneficial for travel and add to aspects of safety.

Make a group travel

is india safe to visit

Familiarity to the place is something that adds excitement to the travel experience. Having someone who is much familiar to the place is an added advantage when planning a trip. This is also a way of adding on to the safety when there is someone to ensure the security of your belongings. It also helps the travellers to remain better organized even if it is all about planning a day’s travel. Many airlines also provide handsome and exciting group discounts when it comes to booking an accommodation, or a travel booking and even locating restaurants  or other places of gathering. All the more the  travellers are provided the comfort of being with like minded and known crowd.

Carry a route map

Carrying a route map during travel is something to do while planning for the travel and maintaining it till the end of the travel. This helps in bringing about precision and clarity in directions. Even if you have booked cheap last minute flights and are planning on a sudden travel, having a route map saves time by taking you to the right destination. Also, one feels confident themselves by being able to locate the destination without external help.  It is better to have the location services on in the devices that the traveller is carrying.

Carry less of Cash

During travel, it is always recommended to carry less cash. For the same, it is better to do a study on how much money is necessary for travel. See to it that you know the currency changes and carry only what  is required. Again, do not put all your money together in one place. Split the money into many halves so that the risks of theft and robbery are lessened. Use alternatives of money such as e-wallets which can be used in replacement of money. Some airlines impose restrictions on the amount of money to be carried.

Have local contacts

Many travellers often come up with the question ‘Is India safe to visit?’ However, the solution to all of  these problems lies in adept self protection.  Hence, see to it that you only communicate your exigent needs to the public. Else have the basic needs met and limit the chances of communicating with strangers unless really necessary.

To conclude:

India is a destination that is visited by travellers around the world during any time of the year. Taking the cultures and traditions of this destination into consideration, the question ‘ Is India safe to travel is fully personal and varies from person to person. However, following the right measures help in avoiding unpredicted issues.



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