Best places to eat in Delhi

Exploring the Best Places to Eat in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the best places to fly to if you are a true food lover and would like to experiment on the best places to eat in Delhi. In fact, Delhi is one such state that considers food as an emotion. However, if you have a true and unparalleled love for food, be it cheap or costly, the options to explore are umpteen to try out. The smell of freshly cooked food wafts from corner to corner through Delhi as you travel for less. What matters is the tastes and cravings of hunger that the travelers feel at the moment. In fact, many of these authentic flavors and their recipes are age-old and have been passed over to the generations. Spending a couple of hours in the city, one may relish his heart and belly with a number of flavors gathered through the corners of the city. In fact, these places are notedly the finest and permanent choices of foodies regardless of the seasons.

Check out the following eateries if you have booked your cheap one way flights to the capital city before you go:

Connaught place

Connaught place is definitely one of those places that never show discrimination when it comes to food varieties. It remains one of the best places to eat in Delhi. by the cuisines and dishes of all varieties- local, national and international. If you are a true foodie, then there is no chance for you to compromise on the mouth-watering varieties of dosas from Saravana Bhavan that serves the blend of modern Indian cuisines with a blend of authentic spices. Similarly, Connaught Place sells biryanis of all types and thalis with an assortment of a mind-boggling number of items. Also, the Masala Trail founded by Osama Jalali, a famous food critic is the best stop for Nawabi and nonvegetarian varieties. There are also many other small eateries that travelers list on no sooner than they book their airtickets to Delhi.

Karol Bagh

The name Karol Bagh would immediately remind travelers in Delhi of the most flavorsome food that you can ever relish on. The smacking taste of the recipes of the age-old generation stays unmatched by the chefs of the present generation. Roshan Di Kulfi, one of the biggest dessert specialists, stays incomparable with the modern ice cream selling firms since it has been selling unbelievable varieties of kulfis, tikkis, kulchas and lassis to its customers. The best part of visiting this place is that it sells full course meals with the perfect dessert that goes into a match with it, whichever the cuisine is. As you walk to the extended Karol Bagh in West Delhi, the food outlets welcome you with both veg and non-veg Kathi roll (grilled stuffings). One such place that sells you the best rolls is the ‘Art of Spices’. The food served at this restaurant is cooked in ghee and is prepared in such a way that every bit of it melts in your mouth. Om sweets, another one of those best places to eat in Delhi, with branches across the city serve you with the best ghee sweets and chole kulche with spicy salads, just so special that you have been missing out on them and would want them more and more. 

Khan Market

As the name makes it obvious, Khan’s market is famous for the Khan Chacha restaurant which has established its legacy for the past few years. The market at its eateries sells homely and non-veggie snack and meal varieties at pocket rates. It is said that travelers often make their online flight booking to munch on the heavy stuffed rolls called kebabs stuffed with minced meat and spices. Some of the other eateries are Soda Bottle Open Wala and Irani Bakery that serve quick and chilled snacks on one of those late evenings to relish on yummy Parsi food with toppings that you have never heard of.  The Side Wok is another place that many travelers book their cheap international flights to Delhi and check into and keeps the foodies satisfied through the vast varieties of Thai, Chinese, Burmese and Italian varieties. For chocolate lovers who have booked round trip plane tickets to Delhi, L’Opera will mesmerize you with the real chocolate experiences. Biryani lovers from around the world must walk to Azam’s Mughlai that welcomes its visitors with Mughlai preparations like Kebab rolls, biryanis and so on.

Old Delhi

Many travelers book domestic flights USA and simply drift away in the hisses and whiffs of cooking at Old Delhi. The destination is said to bear the culinary secrets passed down to generations. The Nataraj Bhalla, one of the oldest and most popular eatery in Delhi stays famous for selling only two delicacies- Dahi Bhalla and Aloo Tikki for years and no other eatery has been able to match its standards of flavors. The Adesh Kumar Daulat Ki Chaat is also another foodie place that is recognized for its frothy, creamy and sweet churned milk served chilled with a topping of almonds and saffron. Also, meat lovers often rush to the Karim Dhaba, the best places to eat in Delhi, that warmly welcomes them with piping hot bread and curries. Amongst all these, the Hazari Lal Jain Khurchan Wale is also equally inevitable since it is noticed for its khurchan or chilled leftover milk topped with sugar and pistachios. Apart from all these, every nook and corner of Delhi sells samosas, varieties of chats and soft, puffy momos.

Gali Paranthe Wali

Gali Paranthe Wali is a pure vegetarian Jain restaurant that serves hot and soft paranthas without garlic or ginger. These paranthas are served in sizes bigger than one can imagine with a choice of side dishes such as tamarind chutney, mint chutney, veg pickle, paneer, and potato curry or mashed potatoes. The scrumptious meal is beautifully ended with a glass of icy chilled lassi. These paranthas are stuffed and cooked on Tawas on deep frying pans.  These have been cooked with recipes of Punjabi and Delhi blend. If you have booked cheap one-way flights, then you may end your trip in perfection with the soft and spicy paranthas with many choices in stuffings such as aloo, peas, paneer, chicken, and mutton.

Jama Masjid 

Jama Masjid, one of the benchmarks when it comes to the best places to eat in Delhi. The Quereshi Kabab corners in the lanes of the Masjid sells the world’s juiciest and succulent kebabs. Another food stop that you should not be missing out on is Al Jawahar that sells the most hygienic foods with salivating aromas. If you are strictly a veggie and are looking for quick veggie bites, then do visit the Laung Chure Kebabs. If you are planning to board one of those flights from JFK to Delhi, then you should be trying the lassis or flavored buttermilk served in clay pots as your welcome drink. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Ameer Sweet House that holds a legacy of over 100 years and do not miss on the exotic and confiture gulab jamuns that are truly irresistible. 


Being the oldest locality in Delhi, Nizammudin takes extreme pride in its authentic foods served all the time. Amongst the many foods stops, one of the noticed ones is Dastarkhwan-e-Karim which welcomes travelers with many varieties of chicken, kebabs, naan, and roti which are the all-time favorites of those who always book SFO to Delhi just to try the elegant Mughlai foods. The place always welcomes both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with equal importance. The food here is served in such a way that the travelers would never forget the flavors over a lifetime.

Netaji Subash Place

An all-time favorite of travelers who visit Delhi, the Subash place has many old and new food spots providing traditional and fast food choices and eventually becomes one of the best places to eat n  Delhi. In fact, this place has an array of restaurants selling yummiest foods. One of the notable stalls here is the Hori Laal Paan, selling a variety of paans such as fire paan, ice paan, meetha paan and chocolate paan for which it has been noted the main eatery in Delhi. For breakfast, you can either walk to Bille Ki Haat and enjoy the aloo poori with a glass of lassi.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is also a popular destination that hungry bellies look forward to booking their LAX to DEL flights. The place sells the most exotic street foods. One of the most famous joints here is the Darbar E Awadh selling crispy pyaaz kachori with green chilli and tamarind chutney on the lowest prices. Do not forget to take a sip of Ol’ Sattu Sarbat, an authentic drink, and Mohitari Ki Taas. The Sabu Dana, Batata Vada, and chutneys will leave you licking your fingers for another plate. For lunches, rice and roti are served with aloo dum of a homely taste.

North Campus

Being a destination filled with students and hunger calls all through the day, North Campus consists of food stalls in its nooks and corners. The Momos Point here serves the softest momos in different flavors. Another place here is the Ricos that serves a whole big menu of dishes from all varieties. On a caution note, every visitor to the North Campus is to stay alert on the spice extremes since you keep filling your tummies with equal amounts of water. Many spice lovers traveling from DTW to DEL make it a point to visit the north campus.

South Campus

The South Campus becomes noted amongst the travelers flying from for selling 25 varieties of Maggi to its customers. Also, the Big Yellow doors become famous amongst travelers flying from ATL to DEL for the quality food sold to travelers. Most restaurants on South campus have been designed in such a way that the travelers would never forget them for their ambiance. Echos is another food joint in Delhi that the travelers would never forget for its theme Eat. Engage. Energize. Many of these stalls sell spicy Chinese foods.

Kunzum travel cafe

With great ambiance and yummy coffee, this cafe is different from the others. One of the reasons for the same could be the unique theme that it builds over the customers’ orders, ‘pay what you want’ where the customers themselves rate the coffee. This is also one reason why travelers flying from DFW to Delhi make it a point to spend a couple of hours at the Kunzum art cafe. It’s just coffee, tea with biscuits that are sold here for a sum but for the ambiance, the visitors choose to stay back longer. The cafe believes in building conversations over a cup of tea or coffee. 

Spice Aangan

The Spice Aangan being the best joint for veg and non-veg shawarma is one of those best places to eat in Delhi. The hot snacks served on steel benches are something that all those who take a flight from IAD to Delhi crave for. The snacks mainly served here are the malai tikkas, chicken tikkas, and other tandoori snacks. Moreover, this widespread chain of hotels consists of urban dhabas with happy choices.

Laxman Dhaba

Laxman Dhaba is one of the most prominent dhabas that travelers visit on their flights from PHL to Delhi. This Dhaba is in fact favored by many students and people who wait for a quick bite on the way. The ambiance and the weather, be it summers or winters make the travelers stop by and grab a quick meal for the day. Hot and grilled paranthas here are sold with a dollop of butter and are the best solution for hunger.

Dolma aunty 

The momos at Dolma aunty are always a must for the travelers who make it to the food attraction in Delhi. This momo joint is in fact the most famous one that earns its recognition by selling hot steamed momos with different stuffings. In fact, Dolma aunty was the first one to put on a momo stall in Delhi. The size of momos is something that stands apart from the rest which is one of the major reasons why it comes amongst the best places to eat in Delhi. One thing that is assured of booking your Miami to New Delhi flight is that Dolma aunty never fails to fill the heart and belly of visitors.

Bittoo Tikka Wala 

Bittoo Tikki Wala is always known for their crispy tikkis and ready to eat snacks available in all supermarkets. In fact, this group of confectioners also own street stalls that you may visit by booking BOS to Delhi flights and grabbing heaps of cookies, Namkeen and Gift packs with sweets which are in fact irresistible by the recipients. Moreover, these confectioners are known for their 50 feet long Aloo Tikki served to 60 people which was a major day of celebration marking success. This is also the reason as to why Bittoo Tikki Wala is still one of the best places to eat in Delhi.


Delhi, the capital city is always a city that buzzes with a thickly packed crowd which can be experienced by any traveler visiting the city. Also, having a glorious past and being recognized as the national capital, this city brings into life many of the nooks and corners into life. Food being one of those factors that attracts the crowd and being a factor that every traveler feels irresistible, there are infinite number of best places to eat in Delhi that the travelers would make a huge loss of missing out on.



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