Biggest airports in the US

A travel hub comes more into popularity when the travelers choose the same for all their travel plans. Out of the many reasons, convenience and compatibility are the reasons why an airport is specifically chosen. Furthermore, the biggest airports in the US should assist travelers in executing their plans with perfection. Two other aspects which makes travelers choose a particular travel hub are basic amenities and local transportation. The airports should also provide travelers with needful, easy and quick assistance. The following are the best 10 that are chosen by the travelers.

Largest Airports in the US that are popular amongst travelers:

The following are some of the busiest airports in the US for the travel facilities and the amenities that they extend:

1. Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL)

This is one of those travel hubs that remain the busiest all throughout the year. It also handles the travel requirements of almost 103. 9 million travelers every year. One reason that travelers find the airport convenient is that facilitates convenient and pleasing travel. However, the airport provides its services by extending both direct and connecting flights to their destinations at the most convenient rates. This airport also serves as a major hub of Delta airlines. With the best alluring interiors and infrastructure provided, this airport stands prime to employ the travel plans.

2. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

This airport is mostly recognized amongst the Asian travelers who make it to this airport for their smooth travel. At the very first look, the airport is one of the most spacious ones across the world. This airport connects the travelers to many parts of the world, especially to the US and Southern California. It has also been found out that almost 84.5 travelers visit this airport every year. Also, Los Angeles Airport is mostly chosen by travelers of Asia and the Pacific region and hence is reportedly one of the busiest airports in America. Another feather on the cap of this airport is that it was one of the first airports to experience space travel. It had endeavored the space shuttle that landed on its runway, 25 L. Furthermore, this airport is also the hub of all popular airlines such as Alaska, Delta, and United.

3. O’ Hare International Airport (ORD)

O’Hare, through the years of service, has become the busiest travel hub of Chicago. It always remains flooded with travelers flying worldwide. To be precise, it turns out to be one of the largest airports in US, providing flights to 230 odd destinations. With the increase in the number of airlines and the rise of technology, the airport has also grown in fame. Also, there has been a rise in the number of travelers flying from this aerodrome since early 2000s. It has also been reported that almost 79.8 travelers use this airport for travel requirements. These are the reasons as to why this airport still remains amongst the top 10 busiest airports in the US.

4. Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Located in Texas, this airport is indeed one of the biggest airports in the US. It spreads to an area of 17000 acres and is beautifully constructed. It has also been recognized as one of the rare airports with a post office and postal code of its own. Almost 67 million travelers use this airport for their immediate and preoccupied travel plans. Also, it has been identified as a ‘tech-friendly airport’ since being updated with the latest technologies. In addition, Skylink is used as a popular mode of transportation to connect to other parts of the city. For the ease of travel, local trains are accessible every 2 minutes, enabling quick travel. Altogether, this airport provides airlines to 260 destinations, remaining fully devoted to its travelers.

5. Denver International Airport (DEN)

The Denver International Airport is the largest airport by area. It is located within an area of 33500 acres and is the hub of major airline carriers. This airport also remains one of the top 10 busiest airports in the world visited by travelers from all over the world. The major group of travelers who visit the airport fly from Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Montana and so on. There are underground tunnels that connect the travelers directly to the airport. The roof is so high here and it resembles the North American Rockies. Being the busiest airport in America, it is visited by 61.4 million travelers every single year. In short, it has been identified as the world’s biggest domestic airline hub.

6. John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

As recognized as its name, it is also the most noted travel hub of North America. Many travelers book their cheap last minute flights from this very point. There is a mix of different airlines that serve the travelers year around from here. There is also an ark that is specifically meant for animal care within this airport. There are over 90 different airlines that support the travel needs of the 61 million travelers who make their travel plans from here. There are also 6 vast terminals that extend cheap domestic flights USA and international flights as well. Several different modes of transportation can be available from here such as air trains, subways, buses, and car rentals.

7. San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

The San Francisco International Airport is said to be the second-largest airport in California. This is the base of American Airlines. It is also one of the rarest eco-friendly airports in the world and the base of Virgin American Airlines. This airport has been recognized for its awards in waste management, conservative use of water, greenhouse gases and so on. Apart from being one of the biggest airports in the US, this hub had also introduced the Bay Area Rapid Transit in 2013. At present, there are about 56 million travelers who use this airport on a yearly basis.

8. Mc Caran International Airport (LAS)

It is a known fact that this airport is one of the largest airports in the US. Located in Nevada, this airport is also called the Las Vegas Airport. This is the best airport that helps travelers reach Las Vegas. This hub is visited by almost 51 million travelers every year. There are all necessities that are required for a smooth travel such as local transits and parking gates at the lowest fares. Besides providing cheap airline tickets, there are also shuttle services availed within 12-15 minutes. These services are available at every terminal. The aviation industry certifies this industry as the largest airports in the US.

9. Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Being called the largest airports in the US, this airport stands very popular amongst travelers. It enhances the travel requirements of travelers without creating traffic congestion. There are also cruise and local transportation available from this point to the city available. It is the major hub of Alaskan Airlines and has got a wide airfield. The airport ensures complete monitoring of the traffic and execution of travel needs. An additional feature of the airport is that it enables to manage the internal temperature through temperature gauges. For all the same reasons, 50 million travelers opt this hub for all their travel plans.

10. Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

In addition to being the biggest airports in the US, this is also the second-largest civil-military airport in the world. It connects the travelers with ease to the East Coast. On a yearly basis, it has been reported that 46 million travelers use this airport for their travel. The expanded roadways and parking slots also enhance the visitor experience. At a time, 7200 vehicles can be parked at this airport. The Carolina Museum is one of the best preservatories of aviation equipment.


The purpose of an airport is to facilitate travelers with timely and appropriate services. With world-class amenities, complete assistance regarding the airlines and the booking procedures, these are the best airports in the US that facilitate the best travel experience to the travelers. These remain busy all throughout the year for their services and the assistance that they provide.



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