Airports are said to be the hubs of travel where millions of travellers board and deboard their flights throughout the day. Travellers often get to know the importance of the airports when they are to board a long haul flight and get to learn more about the airport.

Ahead are some of the best airports in the world as per the World Airport Surveys and the amenities that they provide the travellers with. Furthermore, these have been unequivocally the best according to travellers who have experienced travel from these airports. Ahead, we shall see the most recognized airports in the world.

Identifying the Nicest Airports in the World for Travel

The following are some of the most beautiful airports in the world which are often chosen by travellers to accomplish their travel plans:

10. Zurich airport

Zurich International Airport Top 10 Airports in the world

This airport was open to ease out the travel requirements of the travellers in the year 2000. The group of administrative buildings and facilities are two major points that add prominence to the Zurich airport. The survey reports point out that approximately 24.9 million travellers visit this travel hub to meet their travel requirements.

This airport had previously ranked 9th with a much positive impression and impact on the travellers. The airport opens two terminals for easy access of travellers. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for the travellers to experience and unleash their shopping, business, and recreational activities. This airport is also open to the public who come up with the requirement of sightseeing and hassle free travel on last minute flight deals. There is also an open terrace that provides a better view of the city, easy car parking facilities with better positioning and tracking.

The luggage handling facilities here is also way enhanced than many other airports around the world. Unfortunately, this airport that ranked the 9th amongst the best airports in the world as of the previous years, has dropped its position.

9. Tokyo Narita Airport

Being one of the most popular airports of the world, this is a major airline hub of Tokyo which was inaugurated for public services in the year 1931. As per the survey reports, almost 42.6 million travellers opt for this airport to fly up and down their destinations.

The significant shortage in the international travellers using the airport is one of the main reasons as to why its preference has been reduced. However, it has been called one of those best airports in the world for being a notable travel hub for the localities as well as the travellers. Furthermore, the travellers remain satisfied with the on-board services and the ground staff here.

Also, the airport provide innumerable dining facilities and options which makes their flights a much pleasant experience. The significant shortage in the access of this airport has made its rank drop from 8th to 9th.

8.  London Heathrow Airport

The London Heathrow airport was inaugurated in the year 1946 when it started providing the travellers with luxurious services to all its travellers around the world. As of the traveller survey, almost 80 million travellers choose to make their flight reservations from this airport and to other destinations from this airport.

It is of great surprise that this airline has been maintaining the 8th position through service. There are countless cafes, restaurants and lounges that provide the travellers with apt and timely facilities required.

The airport also connects with expressways that help the travellers connect to the city faster. Some of the other exquisite facilities provided at the airport are through the airport hotels that provide the travellers with pleasant, rejuvenating stay for a better flight.

7. Munich airport

Munich International Airport Top 10 Airports in the world

The Munich Airport is one of the most pleasant airports that one would have ever been to. This is in fact, one of the most primeval airports globally, established in 1992. The transportation facilities from this airport can be made in the easiest and effective way.

There has been a crowd of almost 46.3 million passengers using this airport on a yearly basis. The meeting rooms here offer the travellers with ample time to make formal and informal discussions and arrangements for further travel. One may also fall in love with the cuisine options and hospitality at the airport.

There is also a vast collection of old charms and pieces of art preserved here which become an aspect of attraction to the travellers. Also, travellers may get sufficient sleep before they board cheap international flights. However, the position of this airport according to the ranking systems has dropped down from being the 6th to the 7th.

6. Chubu Centrair airport

Located in an artificial island in China, there are still travellers who execute their travel plans from this very airport. It is a small airport that operates through both domestic and international terminals. It was inaugurated in the year 2005 when it became accessible to both the national and international travellers.

A yearly number of 9.8 million travellers use this airport to execute their travel plans. From previously being in 7th position, this airport has risen its standards and facilities. All the more, the sky view from this airport is simply spectacular and breathtaking.

5. Hong Kong International Airport

Being one of the major extensive airports in Japan, there are also a lot of other reasons as to why Hong Kong International airport is relevant. One of the main reasons is that there are hundreds of aircraft that take off and land within the airport in every passing minute.

This very travel hub was open to the convenience of travellers in the year 1998. Also, this aerodrome has received the title of being one of those best airports in the world consecutively for the years 2002,2003, 2004 and 2005 and previously ranked 4th.

Almost 0.7 million travellers are said to use this airport as they make their flight reservations.Also, having the biggest cargo facilities is a major plus as to why travellers prefer flying from here. Apart from these achievements, the Hong Kong International airports have also been labeled the most beautiful airport in the world for its conservation and maintenance of the surroundings. It was also appreciated for the initiatives of sustainability, energy reduction, air quality control, water conservation, and waste management- the big leaps towards the future.

4. Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport Top 10 Airports in the world

Being one of those noted airports in the world, this airport remains flooded by 34.5 travellers on a yearly basis. It was inaugurated and open to the public in 2014.

This airport stands apart from the rest for its architecture and beauty. Furthermore, it provides the travellers with the best architectural amenities. From being ranked 5th previously, this airport has been upgraded to being the 4th according to the traveller’s preferences and visits.

This airport also facilitates the easy  reclamation of lost baggage and ensures more traveller safety. Also, the ways of interconnectivity and entertainment provided in the airport suffice the traveller’s requirement.

3. Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport Top 10 Airports in the world

The Incheon International Airport located in South Korea ranks the third amongst the nicest airports in the world. It is said to be visited by 68.4 million travellers every year.

In fact, for the same reason, this airport has also been called the 16th busiest airport in the world. There are also many exclusive and personalized shopping and dining facilities that this airport provides for its travellers to enjoy. Entertainment is also well taken care of through cultural performances by professional artists.

These are some of the reasons as to why travellers  make their online flight booking here. However, this airport which previously ranked 2nd, has now dropped down to be the 3rd lately. Through sufficient amenities, the authorities see to it that the travellers experience pleasant travel.

2. Tokyo Haneda Airport

Being the major airport in Japan, it is also one of the crowded travel hubs of the world, accessed by 42.6 million travellers every year. The aim of this travel pivot is to meet and manage the travel requirements of all its travellers.

There are three-terminal buildings and a VIP terminal that looks into the travel requirements of people. This airstrip also handles about 90 million travellers who book their cheap flight tickets for luxurious travel. There are two ways of reaching out to the city which can be used by the travellers throughout the day at cheap rates.

One of them is the Tokyo monorail  which helps the travellers get connected to the city in about 14 minutes and the Private Keiku which is a more luxurious means of transport with only two stops where the travellers can reach out to the heart of the city.

1. Singapore Changi

Singapore Changi International Airport Top 10 Airports in the world

This is one airport that has been consecutively bagging awards for being the first amongst the best airports in the world. It has been visited by 65.6 million passengers from all over the world on a yearly basis.

The surprising fact about the Singapore Changi airport is that it has been bagging award for being the first amongst the best airports in the world for the 7th time now.

There have been unparalleled styles of architecture and entertainment provided to the travellers throughout the year. Some of them are spas and theatres that travellers enjoy the most.

To conclude:

Ranking the best airports in the world depends on a number of factors. One such factor is the number of times that the traveller has accessed the airport. Also, it is to be noted that the airport is to be impressive and complying with the travel requirements basically. These are the reasons that make some airports most loved and most accessible.



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