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The prime reason as to why a traveller would call an airline to be the ‘ best’ is since it provides the travellers with the level of satisfaction that they look forward to. In addition, to be called the best airlines in the US, the services offered by the airline should seem parallel to the amount paid on flight bookings.

Similarly, once the traveller boards an aircraft, the airline must treat them with the maximal services that they can offer, which makes them feel privileged. As a result, the growth of the airline as well as the customer satisfaction, both rises in equal amounts. Ahead, we shall see the leading airlines of US as of the recent surveys.

Top Airlines in the US to make your flight bookings with

The following are some of the safest airlines in US to experiment and experience credible levels of travel:

Alaska Airlines

This is one of the major airlines of Washington which ranks prime according to the customer satisfaction. This is one carrier that seems reliable with facilities extended such as on-time flights, baggage retention, on-board snacks and beverages to relish. The airline provides all the mood lighting services to the travellers throughout their travel, thus being recognized one of the best airlines in the US. Alaskan airlines provides flight reservations to hundreds of destinations around the world.

The baggage retention services on board is something that the travellers find profitable, which is something that not every airline provides and is more onlooked to. Apart from all these reasons, the Alaskan Airlines is the fifth largest airline service provider in the world.

Delta Airline

Established in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta airlines is the second largest provider of flights to the travellers worldwide. These airlines satisfy their travellers with prompt onboard and check-in services. This airline also sees to it that each of their traveller is kept informed and updated about the airfares through personal messaging services and also offers free meals and refreshments on some major domestic flights flights too.

With all these services extended in an uninterrupted manner, Delta has ranked to be one of the top airlines in US. With the same efficiency and promptness in service, the airline has been able to succeed amongst its competitors even in the recent days.

JetBlue Airways

With its headquarters located in NewYork, this airline is one such that travellers prefer during an exigent travel. If there is one such airline that provides values that equals the price of flight tickets, it is JetBlue airways. These airline careers extend their flight services to all the travellers across USA.

They also offer the most premium food and beverage services all through the flight to their travellers on a complimentary basis. These are the main causes as to why many travellers prefer flying with JetBlue Airways. Being the most safest airlines in US, this airline provides limited number of seats with full recline. This facility however helps in creating a personalized and upgraded travel experience to each traveller.

Hawaiian Airlines

Being the airlines with the longest service experience, Hawaiian airlines is also a popular name amongst the travellers. This is one of the best airlines in the US that shows a rising trend in the demand of passengers.

Similarly, being one of the top airlines in US, they look into providing the best entertainment services that keeps the travellers fully occupied till the end of their travel. They also promote the sale of discounted merchandise, products and services on board that the travellers can bag in at cheaper prices.

It was recently announced that the travellers can take advantage of the ‘tapas menu’ the privilege of tasting their choice of foods on flight. However, it is also a provision that not more than three food items can be tasted by a passenger before adding them to his meal. These services extended in a flawless manner to the traveller has created a trend of rise in the number of travellers who opt for this airline.

American Airlines

It has been noted that American Airlines leads ahead of the others in terms of their fleet size. They also guarantee their travellers about the maximum limit of luggage that they can carry on board.

In addition, it is one of those carriers that help travellers in making airline reservations and altering them as per their preferences with a check on the airfare. This airline also keeps upgrading their changes and benefits and keep the travellers informed on the same through websites, newsletters and notifications.

The head office at Dallas also stays active to answer to the queries and concerns of travellers. The regional flight services of this airline has been provided to the travellers under the name American Eagle. Thus, they remain the all-time travel partners of US citizens.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines is also the providers of the best airlines in the US since a very long time. With its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, this airline has established a notable reputation amongst its travellers.

Being called the safest airlines in US, it provides cheap one way flights as well as cheap round trip flights, connecting flights to almost 102 destinations and 40 states. Then, the aircrafts also allow the travellers to keep two baggages as check-in luggage as they board the flights. There are the best varieties of non-alchoholic drinks served on flight that the travellers may enjoy.

Since the airlines believe in sustainability in travel, the seats within every aircraft is made using eco-friendly raw materials. On the whole, Southwest airlines is one of those choices that supports economic, easy and effective flight bookings.

Express Jet Airlines

Another choice amongst the best airlines in the world, the motto of Express Jet Airlines is to provide safe and reliable services constantly. Worldwide, this is one airlines which has been leading in terms of aviation services.

This airline mainly thrives due to innovation, expertise and commitment towards giving the best customer service. The airline plies more than 125 airlines for both flights and commitment to all the travellers.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Best Airlines in the US
If you are looking for a flight reservation on of those top airlines in the US, it is recommended that you make your bookings with spirit airlines.

This airline provides prompt and perfect services to Carribean, Mexico and Latin America. With its headquarters in Florida, the services of this airline stretches to the farthest corners of the world. Along with providing easy booking, this airline finds the best way to ease the hefty fares of airtickets by offering the best deals and discounts on their travel.

The Spirit airlines offers cheap round trip flights to travellers and also keeps them updated about the status of their booking from time-to-time. By providing flights to 57 destinations around the world, this airline remains the prime in establishing its travel deals.

United Airlines

United Best Airlines in the US
With its headquarters in Chicago, United Airlines are one of the best airlines in the US, offering flights to 6 continents. These airlines help the travellers make flight reservations to almost 28 routes worldwide.

Altogether, this airline has 8 hubs within US and 460 airlines that help the travellers with their flight bookings, helping them with smooth travel plans and a travel for less. There are 3 categories of flights offered by this airline- economy, basic economy and economy plus.

Skywest Airlines

Being the most established airlines in the world, Skywest offers services to the travellers through more than 2000 airlines. The reason for its consistent growth is the highly qualified leadership team. The airline has also been awarded many times for having the best operational and economic efficiency.

Skywest airlines sees to it that the travellers are well informed about the sales, gate access and all the latest updates of what the travellers would like to know.

To Conclude:

Travelling is one of the most appropriate ways to learn and understand many aspects of the travel and the destinations. However, choosing an apt airline in US depends its history, the levels of customer satisfaction and the economic ways in which deals with the travellers. These are thus the airlines that travellers most prefer to travel from US.



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