Inexpensive places to travel

Make the New Year a cheerful one by planning on it well in advance and locating the most inexpensive places to travel. However, the destinations that you choose for your travel should also be worth the amount paid. Thus, as a preparation towards the same, plan and choose the destinations to visit well in advance by making airline reservations for the same. This is in fact, the best way to make the whole year a memorable one. The following are some such destinations to add on to your travel list:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is always one of those destinations of discounted travels all through the year. It is also one of the places to which travelers look forward to booking premium economy flights with the cut of stays and visits. Many make their flight reservations to Dubai to enjoy the spectacular natural views and the crystal clear waters like never before. Something that you should never forget to tick off your list is the Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah beaches. The nightlife and shopping spree here is simply irresistible.

Las Vegas

Planning for a Las Vegas vacation includes a lot of free things to do. The major attractions here are the fountains and theatres. You will also stay amazed by the cheap eateries serving the most delicious foods. Spending a day in Las Vegas, you will stay occupied with the events day in and day out. This destination is also one of the popular spots for which travelers book cheap flight tickets to be a part of the ramp walks and sidewalks. The Las Vegas strip is also a place that provides scrumptious dine-in facilities and luxurious resorts.


Macau is an autonomous city in Canada that travelers find to be one of the most inexpensive places to travel. The city comprises a multicultural crowd and has the best spaces for entertainment too. Natural views and the cuisine varieties of the city too are found to be irresistible. Furthermore, Macau has been identified as the hub of clothing, perfumes, and jewelry. The city also avails local transport for the tourists to explore the city. The best months to book flight tickets to Macau are from October to November.

Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the most exotic and inexpensive places to travel on a vacation. It is also one of the destinations with much to view at economic rates. Spending your days in Beijing, do not miss out on the strolls through streets, visit the Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. Similarly, if you have made flight reservations to China, then some of the most inexpensive places to visit are the theme parks at Shanghai, Disneyland, Hongkong Disneyland and so on.

Costa Rica

Being eco-friendly destinations, many travelers seeking to travel for less and on a shoestring budget. One thing that you will enjoy for sure on flight bookings to Costa Rica is the National Parks and the long walks along with the natural destinations. Moreover, it is also a place that is open to a lot of adventures like trekking, a walk through hanging bridges and snorkeling.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you are looking forward to such a destination with fun and exciting things to do, then Fort Lauderdale is an exotic destination to book premium economy flights for. With many exciting things to do, the city invites travelers around the world. The recreational aspects of the fort lie in its beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and conserved water bodies. One of the most visited spots here is Fort Lauderdale beach and sawgrass recreation park. This place also provides travel facilities available at the cheapest fares.


Bali is also another destination for which travelers look forward to making flights throughout the year. Planning for Bali, go for a trip that avails you a long trip and a great value. The beauty of this spot lies in the nightlife and luxury it gives. Furthermore, it is also a city facilitating transportation facilities from anywhere to anywhere. The best thing about Bali and getting a flight ticket to this destination is that unlike the other places, it offers the world’s healthiest menus to its visitors.

Buenos Aires

A popular name amongst the travelers, this is another one of those inexpensive places to travel on your vacations. Booking your flight tickets for this destination, do not miss out on the cheapest menus for which your cravings never end. The distinctness of this destination lies in the differing prices of things and places every day. Another major attraction for which travelers buy cheap flight tickets is the pieces of jewelry sold off at cheap rates. It is indeed one of the best cosmopolitan cities with attractions undefined. The Opera House is also a popular social space that accommodates thousands of visitors at a time.


Commonly known as the Paradise of travelers, Indonesia has the world’s best beaches and facilitates watersports too. Also, by the end of the travel and through return flight booking, the visitors often fall in love with the local life and interactions. Especially when it comes to homestays, they have mostly opted for the feel-good vibes that they promote and the rare cultural spots.


A destination with cheap accommodation and a wider view of the city, Mozambique is a rare cheap spot chosen by travelers. The destination specifically facilitates water sports within the traveler’s small budget. The spot is also well-recognized for its picturesque beauty and the islands that provide an exotic view. You will stay amazed through the cuisines availed to you with a blend of spices. This destination is also made reservations for its blend of natural spices as well.

Salt lake city, Utah

This is also a popular cultural hub where there events and occasions take place throughout the day. It is one place that is made airticket reservations for during winter vacations. This destination especially aims at saving money on public transport. The most important places to visit here are Mormon temple, Tabernacle and choir. Utah also holds many hiking spots, to visit which travelers from around the world gather. Similarly, many make their airline reservations to visit the hiking spots, one of which is called Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a destination that holds multiple mountain resorts that provide travelers with a luxurious stay. It is, in fact, one important destination to which travelers make their flight bookings since assuring luxurious stay. The city also assures stay throughout the city with cruises availed at the cheapest rates. Some of the most important and cheap places to visit here are Shannon falls, Squamish cruises with fresh seafood served on cruises. The sky Gondola experience is something rare with a ride on one of those cable cars.

Frankfurt, Germany

To West Central Germany is this destination visited by many travelers called Frankfurt. The town is one of the main centers of museums with excerpts from the past. The main attractions here are palm gardens, a popular tourist destination among travelers with elements of attractions such as playgrounds, boating experiences and a walk with the synced city.

Melbourne, Australia

One of the most vibrant cities across the world, Melbourne is one of the cities where the grandeur of the city is always felt. It is one such destination that is filled with religious crowds and a lot of pilgrimages. Some of the most important destinations for which the travelers make their online flight booking are the federation square, the royal botanic gardens and the stadiums where the bustle of the crowd can always be felt.


The biggest destination for cheap travel through the years as of recent years in Singapore. It is also a city that provides extraordinary levels of accommodation and food choices. This city is also known by the name, ‘ city of gardens’ since being the city of Botanical gardens and Marina sand beaches. The Little India and Sentosa Islands are the other popular destinations for visiting which the travelers book cheap air flights.




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