Introducing BookOtrip Wallet

Instant Refunds!

Can't wait for a refund? Just transfer it to your BookOtrip Wallet account.

Book & earn everytime!

Increase your wallet balance everytime when you book with us.

Attractive Promotions!

Avail great offers exclusive to BookOtrip Wallet users.

Redeem everytime!

Use / Redeem your e-wallet balance with every purchase of our products.

What is BookOtrip e-Wallet?

BookOtrip is a unique place to find the easiest and the most spectacular deals for your travel needs. Here, at BookOtrip, we believe in surprising and rewarding traveling experiences for all, which is why we put together a unique “BookOtrip e-Wallet” system for our prime users and members.

BookOtrip e-Wallet allows you to redeem your rewards and points instantly when at the time of checkout or when you make a purchase at our website. Other than this, our unique system offers you to access the details of your rewards and other benefits you earned with the help of our website.

What does BookOtrip e-Wallet give you?

BookOtrip e-Wallet offers you the following features:

Book and Earn e-Cash with Every Booking: Our e-Wallet allows you to enjoy your holidays and earn, whenever you make a purchase at You will earn e-Cash in your e-Wallet along with another rewards, benefits, and points as well. e-Cash will be instantly transferred to your e-Wallet on BookOtrip!

Offers: We offer attractive Deals and other promotional offers to our select e-Wallet users. You will earn cash back on each and every online booking.

Redeem your Points with every booking: Our hassle-free e-Wallet allows you to redeem e-Cash, points and rewards every time you book online flights, hotels & vacations from our website.

Instant Refunds: If you cannot wait for the refunds or transfers, you can simply log into your BookOtrip e-Wallet account and have the money transferred there!

All of your e-Cash & other rewards will be transferred to your e-Wallet every time you earn your e-Cash & rewards or points. Additionally, you can check all the details for the same by logging into your BookOtrip e-Wallet account.

How can you check your rewards and points?

Your e-Wallet is safe and secure. Whenever you wish to check your balance or the amount rewards, all you need to do is log into your account and access your e-Wallet on our website

How to use BookOtrip Wallet account?
How to Book a Trip Using BookOtrip Wallet?

You will need to sign-up on our website first. During this time, we will offer you upto $100 e-Cash on sign-up, which will be transferred into to your e-Wallet instantly. You will also receive a referral code after signing up.


While making a new booking, select 'BookOtrip Wallet' option on the payment page.


While cancelling your booking, select the 'Cancel & Refund to BookOtrip Wallet' option to transfer money to your BookOtrip Wallet account.