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Flight DetailsDeparture
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Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 23, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 19, 2023
$ 1912
Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 28, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 19, 2023
$ 2086
Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 24, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 18, 2023
$ 2383
Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 30, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 19, 2023
$ 2383
Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 26, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 19, 2023
$ 2483
Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 29, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 19, 2023
$ 2522
Los Angeles (LAX)
Oct 25, 2023
Delhi (DEL)
Nov 19, 2023
$ 2779

Cheap Flights from Los Angeles (LAX)

Los Angeles, the city, derives its name from a Spanish term which means the land of Angels. It is also the hub of the Hollywood industry which stands as its identity. It is also one of the most populated metropolitan cities that stands unique from around the world. Furthermore, it has also been recognized as the hub of the creative industry as well. Los Angeles has also got many museums that take the travelers back to the deep-rooted history. It has also been recognized for having the world’s largest aviation transport facilities as well.

Cheap Flights to Delhi (DEL)

One of the major reasons as to why tourists make flight reservations to India is to visit the national capital. Delhi is also one of the most populated cities in India which comprises of a population with a blend of traditions and cultures, and also has got many entertainments and sports centers. Also, the network of transportation provided around the city makes commutation easier for residents and tourists as well. Being the national capital, one may avail cheap flights from Delhi to the entire globe, both local or international.

Los Angeles To Delhi Flights (LAX To DEL)

If you are looking for the cheapest and luxurious travel experience, then check out the best deals before you make your airline reservations. This makes your flight a pleasant and more comfortable one. Moreover, as you travel for less from LAX to Delhi, one also gets notified of the price drops that help them create a rare and memorable travel experience. This is, in fact, one of the best benefits that travelers gain through their flight booking by which they get the best cheap air tickets.

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FAQs for Booking Los Angeles to Delhi flight

1. What is the average flying time from LAX to DEL?

The average flying time from LAX to Delhi depends widely on the airline you opt for.

2. Which are the best months to book LAX to Delhi flights?

October to March is said to be the best months to book economic LAX to Delhi flights

3. What is the weather like in Delhi?

The weather in Delhi always stays in extremes, rising to 25 degrees and above in summers and falls below 10 degrees in winters.

4. What documents do you need to fly from LAX to Delhi?

You will be required to carry your passport, visa and a copy of your flight tickets while flying from LAX to DEL.

5. Which are the popular airlines with cheap flights from Los Angeles to New Delhi?

Air Canada, Air Alaska, and Aeroflot are the most popular airlines offering cheap air flight tickets from Los Angeles to New Delhi.

6. What is the baggage limit on Los Angeles to Delhi flights?

The baggage limit on Los Angeles to Delhi flights keeps varying for different flights.

7. How many Los Angeles to Delhi flights are available in a day?

The number of LAX to DEL flights available in a day varies depending on the airlines.

8. Which is the closest airport to board LAX to Delhi flights?

Long Beach Airport and Bob Hope Airport are the closest airports to fly from LAX to DEL.

9. What is the best time to book Los Angeles to Delhi flights?

Booking your airline tickets 5 weeks prior to your travel helps you travel for less from Los Angeles to Delhi.

10. How much money are travelers allowed to carry, flying from LAX to Delhi?

Travelers are allowed to carry up to 5000 USD on their flights from LAX to Delhi.

11. How many direct flights are available from LAX to DEL?

There are no direct flights availed from LAX to DEL

12. Which are the best days to book LAX to DEL flights?

Tuesday to Friday are the days you can avail cheap air tickets from LAX to DEL.

13. Is travel insurance a prerequisite on Los Angeles to Delhi flights?

Yes, the need for travel insurance on Los Angeles to Delhi flights depends on the purpose of the trip.

14. What are the best travel deals to fly from LAX to DEL?

Check out the deals at BookOTrip to travel for less to explore the best travel deals from LAX to DEL.

15. What is the average price on vacation packages for Los Angeles to Delhi flights?

The price on all flights keeps varying. However, it is recommended to keep a check on all vacation packages.

What do you need to know before booking LAX to Delhi Flights

    • There are two airports in New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport and Safdarjung airport.
    • There are 3 terminals at the Delhi airport which are used by travelers most often.
    • T3 terminal is the most preferred terminal for international flights, especially for passengers taking the LAX to DEl flights.
    • The total population in New Delhi as of the recent survey is 1.9million.
    • The popular airlines opted by travelers to fly from LAX to DEL are Qatar airways, Saudia Airlines, and Turkish airlines.
    • The best months to travel from LAX to DEL are July, August, and September when the climate seems soothing for a pleasant experience.
    • It is ideal to book return tickets from Delhi prior one to two weeks when there is enough time to check out the right fares.
    • The languages spoken in Delhi are Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Urdu.
    • Before booking your airline tickets, see to it that you check out the best deals before you make your bookings.

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