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New York (JFK )
Oct 04, 2023
Cancun (CUN )
Nov 16, 2023
$ 352
Portland (PDX )
Jan 11, 2024
Jacksonville (JAX )
Jan 18, 2024
$ 449
New York (JFK )
Dec 28, 2023
Mumbai (BOM )
Mar 10, 2024
$ 1242
Dallas (DFW )
Oct 11, 2023
Mumbai (BOM )
Oct 31, 2023
$ 1797
Philadelphia (PHL )
Jun 05, 2024
Bengaluru (BLR )
Jul 31, 2024
$ 1871
Houston (IAH )
Dec 05, 2023
Mumbai (BOM )
Dec 31, 2023
$ 2131
Los Angeles (LAX )
Dec 16, 2023
Mumbai (BOM )
Dec 26, 2023
$ 2619
Dulles (IAD )
Dec 21, 2023
Bengaluru (BLR )
Jan 02, 2024
$ 2694

About Delta Arilines

Delta Air Lines is one of the few major American airlines. Delta Air Lines has their headquarters at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline operates over 5,400 flights daily and provides services to an extensive domestic and international network that includes more than 319 destinations in 54 different countries on six continents, along with its subsidiaries and regional affiliates. Delta Air Lines was declared to be the world's largest airline regarding scheduled passengers carried (120.6 million), and the second-largest regarding both revenue passenger-kilometres flown (277.6 billion) and capacity (4.4 billion / week) in 2013. Since its inception by merging with Northwest Airlines of America, Delta Air Lines has seen a lot of highs and lows and still flies high among all the other airlines. This just goes to prove how amazing the services offered by Delta Air Lines are. They believe that the passengers need a homely space when flying and make sure that they get such a space. This is what matters in the end, happy passengers who are willing to fly with Delta Air Lines on every trip they take!

Delta Air Lines-SkyTeam Member

Delta Air Lines is the founding member of the alliance of SkyTeam, an alliance that was founded in the year of 2000. With being a relatively new alliance, SkyTeam has 20 member airlines that provide you with world class services and give you access to 1,074 destinations. This alliance was formed to provide better connections and facilities such as infrastructure, communication and what not. They try their best to make travel seamless. This enables travellers to get the best benefits regarding services and assistance as well as earn and redeem miles or points when flying with another member airline.

Delta Air Lines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Until September 2017, the main airlines of Delta Air Lines have quite a few aircraft that offer a variety of destinations. The fleet information of Delta Air Lines is as below:

  • Airbus A319-100 with 57 active aircrafts
  • Airbus A320-200 with 62 active aircrafts
  • Airbus A321-200 with 45 active aircrafts
  • Airbus A330-200 with 11 active aircrafts
  • Airbus A330-300 with 31 active aircrafts
  • Airbus A350-900 with 9 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 717-200 with 91 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 737-700 with 10 active aircraft
  • Boeing 737-800 with 77 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 787-900ER with 96 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 757-200 with 100 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 757-300 with 16 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 767-300 with 2 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 767-400ER with 21 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 767-300ER with 56 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 777-200ER with 8 active aircrafts
  • Boeing 777-200LR with 10 active aircrafts
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-88 with 105 active aircrafts
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 with 54 active aircrafts

The total number of aircrafts of Delta Air Lines is 861.

Delta Air Lines In-flight Service:

Delta Air Lines’ in-flight services are known to be the best ones. They believe in providing exceptional services to all of their passengers for a homely feeling and take a great sense of pride when passengers have a great flight. They not only provide great services but they ensure that their passengers are making use of them so that nobody goes home with a bad experience. Here are in-flight services provided, of course, these may differ in quality and price for economy class and business class.

For Business Class Flights:
  • In-flight entertainment with a lot of channels and movies in HD are available. Cabins are cosy, and there is a lot of legroom. A night kit is provided for free and the guaranteed window or aisle access with adjustable head and footrests and comfortable pillow), a workstation with personal reading light, top-rated entertainment and a dedicated washroom is available.
  • Freshly cooked gourmet meals are served to the business class passengers on flights that are longer than ninety minutes.
For Economy Class Flights:
  • In-flight entertainment is available in the form of magazines, newspapers and TV shows and movies. Good legroom and lighting available to give comfort along with a kit containing a pillow and headphones are provided.
  • Meals and beverages that are freshly cooked are served in flights that will last ninety minutes or more.

Delta Airlines Flight Status

Delta Airlines International routes

Delta Air Lines has a lot of international routes to offer some of which include Abuja, Acapulco, Accra, Albany, Allentown, Amarillo, Amsterdam, Anchorage, Atlanta, Baltimore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Beijing, Beaumont, Birmingham, Brasilia, Budapest, Cape Town, Cleveland, Columbia, Cincinnati, Chicago, Frankfurt, Freeport, Geneva, Georgetown and what not.

Delta Airlines Cheapest months

Cheapest months to fly Delta Air Lines are from March to May and then July and August. If you want to get great offers all year long, log on to BookOtrip’s website to avail amazing offers on booking flights to Delta Air Lines.

Delta Air Lines Cheapest Domestic Flights

Delta Air Lines offers a lot of cheap domestic flights within the country, and if you are looking for something cheaper, BookOtrip is the way to go.

Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance

Delta Air Lines has certain rules regarding the baggage allowance, which are:

  • Each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item on board at no charge. Carry-on baggage cannot exceed 114cm in combined length, width and baggage must meet carry on size limits (approximately 56 x 35 x 23 cm). No maximum weight applies to carry-on baggage.
  • When talking about checked in baggage, baggage size must not exceed 62 inches (157 CM) when you total Length + Width + Height. The weight of the baggage depends upon the destination that you are flying to or from. Some destinations are allowed 50 lbs (23kgs) and some other allow 70 lbs (32kgs).
  • Delta Air Lines Web Check-in

    Delta Air Lines has an easy web check-in for all of its passengers. You must do it at least 24 hours before boarding time.

    Delta Airlines Offers and Discounts

    Delta Air Lines offers, and discounts are easily available on the website. They have a variety of offers and discounts to suit people from all walks of life and based on your destination; you will get the offer and the discount.

    Why should you travel by Delta Airlines?

    Delta Air Lines is the best airlines world over and has a plethora of services and benefits to offer thus, becoming the premier choice of any passenger that is willing to travel to or in America.

    Customer Support

    For more information, log on to BookOtrip or call on +1 (888) 437-7922.

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